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June update

June 3rd, 2012 · Uncategorized

May has sure been a busy month at Riverdale! We practiced a hip hop dance corde à sauter and went to the Festival des Beaux-Arts to watch other Surrey students perform a variety of songs, plays and dances. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a video clip of our performance on the school blog. We also had a great day at Surrey Children’s Festival. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who were able to accompany us.

In French, we studied the last sounds of the year eau and eu. We’ve started writing silly sentences and simple stories. In math, we’ve been learning about measurement and comparing length, weight, volume and surface area or different objects. In science, we learnt about the needs of plants while making our Mother’s Day gifts. We also had the chance to take care of 12 caterpillars and watched them transform into chrysalides and then butterflies! We also learnt about the needs of other insects like bees, wasps, beetles and spiders.

In June, we will continue working on sentence and story writing. We will also be learning about summer activity vocabulary.  We are all done our study of French sounds and will no longer be doing dictées in June. In math, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes. In science, we will learn about magnets, force and friction. On Monday June 18th, we will be going to the Science World and attending a workshop on insects where we will get to see a collecting of interesting insects and learn more about them. This field trip will cost $5 and permission forms are due on Monday June 11th. Friday June 22nd will be our space themed Sports Day. We will have several team meetings this month to prepare for this exciting day! Our year-end assembly will be on Wednesday June 27th at 9:00 am, and report cards will also be sent home at the end of the day. Our last day of school is Thursday June 28th where we will have an early dismissal at noon for parent-teacher interviews.


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Corde à sauter

May 4th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Our class has started practicing a hip hop dance for the upcoming Festival des Beaux-Arts in mid May where French immersion classes will get together and share songs, dances and plays they’ve been working on.

This is the music video of the song that we will be performing. A lot of the movements are the same, but we’ve changed a few to make them easier and more kid-friendly. The music starts 30 seconds in and our song ends at the 3:30 mark.

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May update

May 1st, 2012 · Uncategorized

Wow, we’ve already made it to May! April was sure a busy month. We had the privilege of partaking in a 3 week program offered by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra where we got to meet some of the VSO’s musicians, as well as conductor Bramwell Tovey. Thank you to our music teacher Ms. Lee for all of her hard work towards having this program at our school! In April we also raised money for the Heart and Stroke Fountain through Jump Rope for Heart. Thank you to all of our Heart Heroes who was able to raise money. Jump Day was a huge success on April 18th! In class we’ve been working on healthy living, addition and subtraction facts to 20. You may have noticed that we are no longer having weekly dictées. The first week students are introduced to a new sound and we do activities throughout the week, then the following Monday they have a pre-test, and after practising at home they are tested on words they’ve selected for the week.

In May, we will continue learning complex sounds and sentence writing. In math we are going to finish up our unit on addition and subtraction to 20 and start a new unit on measurement. In science we will be learning about the needs of living things by doing a project on plants and then another one on butterflies. We are always preparing a hip hop dance to show at this year’s Festival des Beaux-Arts in mid-May.

I wanted to add on last note about report cards, which went home on Monday April 30th. As per the decision made by the Labour Relations Board, teachers were ordered to complete abridged report cards. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress or the format of the report card please call the school to arrange a time for parent-teacher interviews on Wednesday May 2nd (early dismissal at 1:30).

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April Update

April 1st, 2012 · Uncategorized

It’s been so nice to see everyone again after Spring break! I hope that you all had a fun and  relaxing holiday. Not much has happened in March… We continued learning complex sounds, ou. During our boîtes de lecture we’ve started writer’s workshops.  In math, we’ve been working on addition facts to 12.

In April, we’ll continue to learn new complex sounds. We’ll also learn Easter vocabulary in French and do Easter artwork and crafts. In math, we will soon be starting subtraction. In science, we will start our unit on the needs of living things. We’ll also celebrate Earth Day and learn ways we can help protect the environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me powell_erin@sd36.bc.ca.

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March update

March 1st, 2012 · Uncategorized

February has been a very busy month with lots of fun celebrations. We celebrated la chandeleur by eating crepes, Valentine’s Day exchanging valentines, 100 day with a visit from Zero the Hero and Anti-Bullying Day by wearing pink. We haven’t only been celebrating though! We’ve been working really hard!! We starting learning complex soounds this month: in, on, an and en. Students were each given a set of flash cards this week with sight words they can practice. (Please leave them in their home reading bags, so that we can also practice at school too!) We have been learning lots about addition like how to write an equation, how to write a story problem and how to solve addition facts to 12. I will try to post our addition stories soon!!

March is going to be an interesting month…

After spring break (March 10th-25th) we will be continuing to learn new complex sounds, and we will also be starting writer’s workshops. We continue learning about addition and start learning about subtraction. In science, we will be learning more about forces and motion!

By now you have probably heard about the teacher’s upcoming job action. An important notice was sent home on Thursday March 1st, which is also available on our school website.

March 1, 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation has given notice that teachers across the province will withdraw their services for up to three days beginning Monday, March 5. This is part of the ongoing labour dispute between teachers and the provincial government. ~As a result, teachers will not be reporting for duty on the following days:
  • Monday, March 5
  • Tuesday, March 6
  • Wednesday, March 7
During this service withdrawal, all classes in the Surrey School District will be cancelled and there will be no classroom instruction. School bus transportation will also be suspended at this time. Parents are asked to find alternative care arrangements for their children during the strike.
We have been advised that there will not be picket lines. Therefore, other services – those not involving members of the BCTF – will continue to be offered. ~The following services will continue during the three-day strike:
  • Surrey College classes,
  • Most child care centres~operated on school sites (check with your provider),
  • StrongStart early learning programs,
  • Before- and after-school care services (i.e. JumpStart Academy, RBC program)
  • Community group~facility rentals.
As always, the Surrey School District is committed to communicating with parents and will continue to notify parents through newsletters and the district website at www.sd36.bc.ca of any changes or developments in the status of teacher job action as it relates to students.

Yours sincerely,
Mme Berron


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Les célébrations en février

February 17th, 2012 · Uncategorized

What an exciting week we’ve had! We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday by passing out valentines, doing crafts and eating treats. We also had a special guest on Tuesday, M. Mongeon’s daughter Sasha, who taught us ringette! Thanks Sasha, we sure had a lot of fun.

On Wednesday, division 17 celebrated our 100th day together!  To celebrate we made a chain with 100 links, we did 100 activities in the gym, we made pictures of what we’ll look like when we’re 100 years old and we made a 100 day crown. We’ve been celebrating every 10 days with a gift from our friend Zero the Hero, and we were so excited that he came to celebrate with us on Wednesday. Thank you Zero the Hero for the pencils and cupcakes! This week wraps up our unit on working with numbers to 100 (including counting by 2, 5 and 10). Next week we start addition and subtraction facts to 12!

Nous avons célébré beaucoup cette semaine! Mardi, nous avons célébré Saint-Valentin en donnant des cartes de Saint-Valentin, faisant des bricolages et mangeant des collations. Nous avons rencontré une invitée spéciale, Sasha, la fille de M. Mongeon. Elle nous a enseigné la ringuette. Merci Sasha, nous avons beaucoup aimé jouer avec toi!

Mercredi, nous avons célébré 100 jours à l’école! Pour célébré nous avons fait une chaîne avec 100 maillons, fait 100 activités au gymnase, fait des bricolages de nous-même à 100 ans et fait une couronne de 100 jours. Nous célébrions tous les 10 jours avec un cadeau de notre ami Zéro le héro et nous avons été tellement excité qu’il est venu pour nous aider à célébrer. Merci pour les crayons et les petit-gâteaux. Nous finissons notre unité sur les nombres jusqu’à 100 (compter par 2, 5 et 10) cette semaine. La semaine prochaine nous commencions l’addition et la soustraction!

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February update

February 1st, 2012 · Uncategorized

January brought about lots of changes in our classroom with the start of our home reading program and dictée. In language arts we have started our guided reading groups, and are continuing to do daily literacy centres. In math, we have been working on counting by 2 to 20 and counting by 5 and 10 to 100. In social studies we have been working on mapping and Canada.

February is a short month full of fun celebrations! We will continue our language arts program in French. In math we will soon be starting addition and subtraction. In socials we will learn more about Canada. In science, we will soon start learning about forces and motion.




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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

January 23rd, 2012 · Uncategorized

Today we celebrated the first day of Chinese New Year!  To celebrate the year of the dragon we made dragon puppets. We’ve been working on cleaning and decorating our class over the last week. This afternoon we enjoyed Chinese treats! Jenny brought some yummy pineapple candy and assorted treat bags for us to share. We also had mini mandarin oranges and fortune cookies. At the end of the day we practiced saying “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and everyone got a lucky red envelope. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Aujourd’hui nous avons célébré le premier jour du nouvel an chinois! Pour célébrer l’année du dragon nous avons fait des dragons en marionnettes. La semaine passée nous avons nettoyé et décoré la classe. Cet après-midi nous avons goûté un variété de gâteries chinoises. Jenny a apporté des bonbons d’ananas et des sacs de gâteries à partager. À la fin de la journée nous avons pratiqué comment dire “Gong Xi Fa Cai” et tout le monde a reçu une enveloppe chanceuse Joyeux Nouvel An Chinois tout le monde!

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J’aime la galette

January 6th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Today our class celebrated la Fête des Rois. While we didn’t share a traditional French galette “a disc-shaped cake made from flaky puff-pastry and frangipane,” we did eat cupcakes. In France, the person who finds a bean or figurine in their cake becomes the king or queen for the day. We were lucky enough to each find beans (the jelly kind!) in our cupcakes and celebrated by making our own crowns. We also made a great class book today about what we’d do if we were kings and queens. As kings and queens we would help others, help animals, ride horses, take care of babies, look at flowers, make cookies, get our servants to buy us a big pool and eat at Burger King.

Aujourd’hui nous avons célébré la Fête des Rois. Nous n’avons pas mangé une galette traditionnelle faite de pâte feuilletée et frangipane, mais nous avons mangé des petits-gâteaux! En France, la personne qui trouve une fève dans leur morceau de gâteau est nommé le roi ou la reine pour la journée. Nous avons été tous très chanceux de trouver une fève (de sucre!) cachée dans chacun de nos petits-gâteaux. Nous avons continué de célébrer en faisant des belles couronnes. Nous avons aussi fait un livre de classe qui s’appelle “Si j’étais un roi ou une reine…” Si nous étions des rois ou des reines nous aiderions les autres, aiderions des animaux, monterions sur des chevaux, prendrions soin des bébés, regarderions des fleurs, ferions des biscuits, demanderions à nos serviteurs de nos acheter une grande piscine et mangerions à Burger King!

Check out the song J’aime la galette that we’ve been learning this week under CHANSONS.

Cliquez sur CHANSONS pour écouter la chanson J’aime la galette que nous avons appris cette semaine!

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January update

January 6th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas break with friends and family. The New Year is a few changes to our classroom.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in earbuds, headphones or $1! The students are really enjoying the added choice of listening to books on an iPod or cd player during our daily literacy block.

On Friday students brought home a ziplock bag with two French books and a reading log. The notice in their planner explains more about our home reading program. As more and more students are learning to read in French, it’s important to have books at their level to practice with at home! Please have your child keep their book bag in their backpack everyday. I will pull groups of students throughout the week to read with them and exchange their books. This also means no more flash cards!

We will also be starting our spelling program over the next few weeks. Our class will brainstorm a bi-weekly word list based on a complex sound we are studying. Each student will choose their own words to study for the week. Students who choose their own word lists are more motived to remember and refer back to their words! Students will practice their words throughout the week and keep them in a personal dictionary. Students can practice at home by being read to, making sentences, copying words with felts, play dough, wiki sticks, pipe cleaners, etc. Every Friday students will be tested on their words.

On a final note, I told the students on Tuesday that I am pregnant! The baby is due July 8th and I hope to make it all the way to the end of the school year! Everyone is very excited and has lots of questions. I’m sure that we’ll ALL be learning lots over the next few months!




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